"Watercolor is transparent, it has the ability to create beautiful layers, textures, and intrigues, it has its own story. I found my stories in it too. "/ Yuge Kurt

Wonder People / 2023

Adam / 70x100 cm

Eve / 70x100 cm

Wonder People and Lilium / 2023

Wonder people. Fashionista / 110x110 cm

Wonder people. Enlightened / 110x110 cm

Wonder people. Baroque fan 1 / 110x110 cm

Lilium 1 / 110x110 cm

Wonder people. Baroque fan 2 / 110x110 cm

Escape / 72x72 cm

Mermaid / 72x72 cm

Exhale / 72x72 cm

Each of us experiences life differently like wonder people in our own little bubbles, capturing the world through our unique lenses.
Living in a bubble can be both a comfort and a constraint. On the one hand, it provides a sense of security and familiarity, shielding the person from the complexities and challenges of the outside world. However, on the other hand, living in a bubble can lead to closed-mindedness, ignorance, and a lack of empathy toward others' experiences and viewpoints.
Breaking out of one's bubble is an ongoing and conscious effort. It requires a willingness to be uncomfortable, to question our assumptions, and to engage in meaningful conversations with those who have differing perspectives.
So the question is. Will you venture beyond your bubble?

Wonder people. Cooperation (Bendradarbyste)

Anti/fragility / 2022

That moment when you feel it all at one / 150 x 110 cm / I layer

+ Animation / II layer

That moment when you make up your mind / 150 x 110 cm


That moment when you do not understand what is missing / 150 x 110 cm


That moment when you are Phoenix / 150 x110 cm

That moment when you dream / 150 x110 cm

That moment when you are driven / 150 x110 cm

That moment when you protect a dream / 150 x 110 cm

That moment when you can hear the forest / 150 x 110 cm


Portraits & stories / 2021

"We meet a lot of people who change our lives in their own way. We always dream of remembering them, relating them to a unique situation or a story. There is no need for any specific model, portraits are created by memories. I like watercolor incompleteness, stains, layers, simple composition, and “mistakes... (Y.K.)

The Magnetism of Nature / 2020

No need to open your eyes and see how everyone sees. We do not have to support the rules; the heart must rejoice. I’m not interested in over-sensitivity but fascinated by choice.

Plants are creative and free, and we, just like plants, are the designers of our life. Can you identify?

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