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Art Compensa

May 24-26, 2024 ∖ Vilnius

I invite you to meet me at the art fair.

(Art Compensa and Vilnius Coding School)

May, 2024 ∖ Vilnius ∖ Compensa

The theme of this year's fair is education and technology. Art Compensa and Vilnius Coding School organised a discussion on a very topical topic - "Art and Artificial Intelligence".


February-April, 2024 ∖ Vilnius ∖ Museum of Energy and Technology, Vilnius

Fashionista - large format watercolour with AI synthetic interpretations.

On TV / A Canadian robot from Acrylic Robotics repaints one of Yuge Kurt drawings. Yuge believes it is useful to use AI within certain steps of the art creation process and it can also help to broaden the understanding of art itself. Recently one of her artworks was repainted by the robot. A total of 10 painters across the world were selected for this experiment.

LRT / Labas rytas, Lietuva, 2024.01.12

Web3 Summit Impact the economy

November, 2023 ∖ Vilnius ∖ Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius

Artworks with AI interpretations were presented at a one-day conference organised by SUPER HOW?. Web3 supports the correlation between innovation and art.

See AI interpretations here

Solo exhibition Portraits of emotions

October 18-27 , 2023 ∖ Vilnius ∖ SEB bankas, Head Office

Artificial intelligence in finance - colleague or competitor?

September, 2023 ∖ Vilnius ∖ SEB CFO Forum 2023

Anniversary Charity evening of the "Mamų unija“

September, 2023 ∖ Vilnius

My watercolor painting "Lily Garden" sold for €16 000 at the "Mamu unijos" charity auction! Thank you to the buyer who purchased the artwork. The work consists of two parts: a watercolor and a digital AI part. The AI creates new interpretations of the painting.
AI interpretations

Making a painting wiggle: collaboration with Egmontas Geras

September, 2023 ∖ Vilnius

Together with a designer Egmontas Geras we have set two goals: to generate new images resembling the paintings; to generate before-and-after images in order to construct an illusion of the work behaving through time. Tiles of my original painting were taken to form a dataset.
Here you can find the full article about our work.

Loftas FEST'23

September 7-9, 2023 ∖ Menu fabrikas loftas, Vilnius

Loftas fest is a city-powered contemporary art & music festival. This year Loftas fest stood out for my “Antifragility” paintings, bringing interactivity and expanded reality possibilities together with art.

Midsummer Gala

June 22, 2023 ∖ Grand Hotel Kempinski, Vilnius

Midsummer Gala where I got to exhibit one of my latest paintings. Watercolor + AI. Thank you to Les Couleurs Charity Lithuania for the opportunity and especially to Ludvikas Jakavicius.

Thank you to Deividas Mataciunas (on the left) for creating the AI art from my paintings.

Artists from LT with whom it was a pleasure to meet: Skaiste Semenike, Rolandas Žigonis, Goda Litvinaite Alekne

Menas atveria visus kelius / Art opens all paths

Magazine "Zmones" Nr.26, 2023

On TV / Dumu fabrikas in Vilnius - Yuge Kurt exhibition: art, artificial intelligence, and music come together in large format covers.

LRT / Labas rytas, Lietuva, 2023.05.24

Solo exhibition ANTI/FRAGILITY

May 11, 2023 - June 29, 2023 ∖ Dumu fabrikas, Vilnius

The exhibition at Dumu fabrikas had a grand opening! It was a remarkable event where my art, alongside AI-art variations by Deividas Mataciunas, and the mesmerizing music by Natas Kunas, came together to create something truly magical.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended! 👁️‍🗨️ In case you missed it, we captured the beautiful moments, memories, and overall atmosphere of the exhibition in a short video.

You and your emotions are the inspiration for my existing and new artworks. I wish you pleasant moments of viewing. 👁️‍🗨️

Exhibition opening
9th International Watercolor Biennale BALTIC BRIDGES 2022

September 09, 2022 Gallery DROBE

A special exhibition, because after 1.5 years of working in the watercolor technique, it became my first introduction. A large-format watercolor titled "That feeling of loving orderly chaos" is the beginning of a new theme.

The 9th international watercolor biennial BALTIC BRIDGES 2022 "Experiences" accompanying exhibition "Gijos"

November 09, 2022 ∖ Alytus Cultural Center

Continuation of the exhibition

Participants: Voldemaras Barakauskas (Šiauliai), Benjamians Benas Jencius (Alytus), Girmantas Rudokas (Panevėžys), Julija Skudutyte (Vilnius),  Daiva Šlajienė (Kaunas), Virginija Laužadienė (Kaunas), Elma Sturmaite (Druskininkai), Rimvydas Mulevicius (Kaunas), Yuge Kurt (Vilnius), Violeta Židonytė (Kaunas), Bangutis Prapuolenis (Kaunas), Laimutė Vološkevičienė (Panevėžys), Marija Marcelionyte-Paliukė (Vilnius).

It is new me

October, 2020

Sometimes a random question can prompt you to start over. And that's what happened to me when I heard a question one day. So why don't you draw? And aquarelle seems like a great technique for a new beginning.

Pre story

1995 - 2018

Participation in exhibitions: in Lithuania, France, Switzerland, Finland

Member of Lithuanian Artists' Association from 2000

Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts Degree

About the exhibition

“I have to be antifragile when pouring watercolor because there is no certain way of knowing what the final image will be. The strokes themselves must be fragile and transparent.”

Yuge Kurt

The exhibition ANTI/FRAGILITY is a unique opportunity to see the synthesis of art and technology. The exhibition unfolds a multi-layered narrative of what constitutes fragile agility. The artworks prompt questions: when can we allow ourselves to be fragile? And when should we be agile? And for how long? Experiencing uncertainty can be associated with stress, instability, or change in values, or, on the contrary, it can strengthen your purpose and clarity. In large-scale watercolor paintings, fragile agility is pressing in, in various guises: unfinished form, strange rhythm, empty spots, limited color, and transparency…

The watercolor technique is unique in that the works always have a moment of unpredictability. This exhibition will provoke you to let go of control and embark on a journey of feelings. All archetypal moments can be recognized in our own experiences.

I layer / Large-scale watercolors represent paintings with thoughts and feelings. The important thing here is to meet the story and let ourselves be guided by it.

II layer / In the digital layer, we live in the here and now. AI is an invitation to absorb the details of a different world.

III layer / Musical layer – mesmerizing sounds and colorful images in a powerful space are the most beautiful and effective combination. (Composer Natas Kunas)


The exhibition is dedicated to the 700th anniversary of Vilnius.

Event team: curator - Kotryna Kurt, AI technologies - Deividas Matačiūnas, texts - Raimonda Kriaučiūnaitė and ChatGPT, exhibition assistant - Gabija Kurkulytė

Photo by Augustinas Žukovas, Agne Kuldoša, Vilmantas Arbačiauskas

Tel. +370 68776855

Email: yugekurt@gmail.com