Yuge Kurt was born in Vilnius, Lithuania

∖ Artistic education

1985-1989 graduated from Vilnius Justinas Vienožinskis Art School. Private studios with artist Ričardas Bartkevičius, textile artist Danguolė Brogienė; 1991–1995 studied at Vilnius Art Academy Faculty of Textile, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree; 1995–1997 studied at Vilnius Art Academy, graduated with a Master‘s Degree in the Art.

∖ Memberships

Since 2000 Member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association (LAA). Since 2001 Member of LATGA, Lithuania.

∖ Exhibitions, residencies

Since 1994 participated in group exhibitions, art fairs, residencies, other art projects, and personal exhibitions (textiles, paper works, painting).

∖ Teaching and other activities

1999 - 2004 worked as a teacher at Vilnius College of Design (painting, fundamentals of composition); 1999 - 2004 worked as a lecturer at Vilniaus Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences (fundamentals of composition and History of art); 2008 - 2009 worked as a teacher at Vilnius College of Design Faculty of Fashion design (fundamentals of composition and science of colors).

Yuge Kurt, watercolor
Yuge Kurt, watercolor
∖ What is your favorite medium?

It's watercolor. I like spontaneity and color transparency. I want to go beyond what watercolor can be. Each of us has tried watercolor painting as a child and has knowledge of its “possibilities”. I look at it differently. The painting created by the watercolor technique is not copied, it is unique in the literal sense of the word. Wet colors never work the same way.

∖ Where do you find inspiration?
  • Strange behavior

  • Stereotypes

  • Insane coincidences

  • Feelings and reactions

  • Society norms & beliefs

∖ What motivates you to create?

The question of motivation is strange to me. The real motivation to create is an inner gift, it doesn’t need an artificial external launch. Motivation as action is the opposite of apathy, inner laziness, endless reflections ... It is basically a call to action.
You either have it in you, or you do not.

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Yuge Kurt, watercolor
Yuge Kurt, watercolor

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